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Creating Playing Cards

Creating Playing Cards

Are you looking out to create completely original set of playing cards for your own game?


TMCARDS help you create the perfect deck of 54 Customized Playing Cards in real time. You can have any photo of your choice on a full pack of personalized playing cards to create a totally unique personalized gift. This deck of Playing cards by TMCARDS DOT COM can be used for gifts at so many occasions, e.g. Wedding Favors, Thank you, Anniversary, Annual Events, Reunion, so-on-so-forth. TMCARDS also avails the Businesses and Organizations create a pack of playing cards with your corporate image and include some useful information for their valuable clients. You will be recollected (remembered) each time while playing cards.


The extraordinary feature of our TMCARDS Custom Playing Cards is that we allow you not only to customize the back of the card with your design but the all 54 playing card faces and the playing card box as well. Our custom playing cards are custom made to your order specifications with full control over colors and even the card stock you print on. The faces of these cards are typically decorated with two colors, red and black, and four suits including clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds. However you can choose any color apart from the usual ones, as per your taste. They can bear customized photos instead of lifeless pictures of jokers, kings, queens or jacks.


At TMCARDS DOT COM, it is great fun to personalize and create your unique deck of playing cards. One can choose from a Variety of Card Face Styles: Standard Poker, Jumbo Index, Pinochle, Canasta, etc Variations can be made as per special events, colors and effects of your choice.


Whether it is for advertising your business or for a deck you want to retail yourself, self- created playing cards are perfect. Playing cards have a very high perceived value when it comes to promotional products as they are something people will keep for years to come.