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Custom Playing Cards is Our Forte!! For TMCARDS making Custom Playing Cards and specialized Playing Card Packaging gets exciting and we are proud to trumpet the commendations bestowed upon us for our outstanding services and TMCARDS top-notch products. Our esteemed position has been diligently cultivated over 53 Years of experience in Manufacturing Custom Playing Cards, Personalized Playing Cards, Affirmative Cards and Branded Playing Cards, ranking TMCARDS among the most exclusive Bulk Playing card manufacturers in the industry.


All of our Custom Made Playing Cards are meticulously printed on legendary Heidelberg offset machines, using the same trusted technology by Playing Card Manufacturers who print Casino Playing Cards worldwide. Additionally, our digitally printed promotional decks are produced using state-of-the-art Indigo digital machines. These Custom Playing Cards and Branded Playing cards serve as an elegant way to showcase your ideas, products, services providing your intended audience with a lasting gift and a catalogue thereby preserving your brand by way of logo Playing Cards for posterity.


custom playing cards



Playing Cards manufactured by are a magnet for both daring magicians and innovative game creators. These Customized Magic Playing Cards are highly sought-after, serving as a powerful tool for branding, promoting, and engaging with end-users. Custom playing cards offer a unique avenue for Corporations and Institutions to enhance their brand image and leave a memory hook in the minds of their clients.


Custom Playing Cards in smaller quantities are particularly popular among magicians, Game Developers, and individuals looking to test-market playing cards in their creations. With the option to custom print Playing Cards with Both Sides Customized and replace traditional pips and suits, the possibilities are endless.


Personalized Playing Cards

Personalized Playing Cards


Playing cards have long been a cornerstone of society's leisure pursuits, from thrilling games of high-stakes Poker Playing Cards to sophisticated sessions of the Bridge Sized Playing Cards for Bridge. One with an intellectual interplay and the other on a premise of tacit tact and bluff!

Regardless of the game, playing cards are an integral part of human culture, offering entertainment and the thrill of risk-taking. Whether the stakes are monetary or strategic, the allure of the game remains irresistible.


100% Pure Plastic Playing Cards

Plastic Playing cards


100% Pure Plastic Playing Cards have surged in popularity due to their exceptional durability and longevity. Crafted from 100% PVC, these cards are incredibly flexible, easy to clean, and outperform traditional paper cards in terms of durability. Available in a variety of designs and number options, including regular and large size numbers, they add a professional touch to any game.

Promotional Playing Cards


Our Promotional Playing Cards, designed by our expert teams, offer an incredibly cost-effective marketing solution for advertisers, marketers, and agencies. Emblazoned with your brand and message, these fun and reusable items provide organizations of all sizes with a memorable way to promote their products or services.

Poker and Bridge sized playing cards Price

No. of Decks Price Per Deck
1 $ 50.00
2 $ 42.50
5 $ 25.00
10 $ 20.00
100 $ 7.00
250 $ 4.80
500 $ 3.20
1000 $ 2.40
  • Above 1000 deck please ask for a quote.
  • Printed Tuck box @US $119 additional for above orders.
  • Plain White Tuck Box complimentary with any of the above orders.
  • For 1 to 100 decks plastic box will be complimentary on request.
  • Inclusive of shipping anywhere in the US.

Custom Playing Cards
Custom Playing Cards Image

I have received the playing cards, they look great. And your timing was very great. Thanks for that.Thanks again.     

Rating: 5
Custom Playing Cards
Custom Playing Cards Image

Wanted you to know that we received the quality playing cards and they are terrific. Thank you very much for all your help!

Rating: 5
Custom Playing Cards
Custom Playing Cards Image

The playing cards were received yesterday and they look awesome. Thank you for the quick interaction that made my project come true in just 2 weeks.

Rating: 5