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A Warm Hello and Welcome to you all. Be it an old deck hand or just a newcomer to the game, we can’t help but trumpet the laudable accolades showered on us simply by merits of our impeccable service and superlative products. This pole position has been tediously and meticulously earned over a 48 year experience in the field of the manufacture of a branded PERSONALIZED & CUSTOMIZED playing cards, only to be ranked as one of the exclusive manufacturers ever.


All of our Customized Playing Cards are printed on the legendary Heidelberg offset machines, as are decks currently in play at Casinos worldwide. And the digitally printed promotional decks are printed on ‘state of the art’ Indigo digital machines.The customized cards are a super way to exhibit your message with panache. It offers your projected audience with a gift to be cherished multiple times. A brand name for posterity.


custom playing cards



Cards customized by us are a sure draw for the intrepid magician and game maker. The latter are ever on the lookout for customized playing cards or customized game cards as universally known.Custom playing cards add a new dimension to ‘branding, promoting and inculcation’ of your services and products to end-users. It is the accepted mantra for corporation & institution to highlight and air their brand image.


Customized cards in smaller quantity are in extensive use mainly by Magician conjurers and Game developers. And not to exclude those wanting to test market their creation before the long haul. Customizing both sides is an option and one can dispense with the regular pips and suits can be dispensed with.


The Personalized Playing Cards


Over millennia, playing cards have been central to society’ indulgency for fun, magic trick and a gamble for stakes. They have gained an irrebuttable popularity and are here to stay.The game can be a high-end and sophisticated session of Bridge or an urbanized play of Poker. One with an intellectual interplay and the other on a premise of tacit tact and bluff!

Anyways, the Playing Card is, for good or bad, apart of human culture to indulge in entertainment or foray into the risky world of fiscal win or lose! The game of cards can entail a sophisticated session of bridge or an urban play of 5-card or Stud Poker. The former a stimulating and intellectual interplay and the latter on a premise of intimidation and sheer bluff!

Anyways, the playing card is foe whatever judgment, integral parts of the human blueprint to revel in entertainment and foray into the risky world of fiscal win or lose! If the stakes are money, then winner takes all. And if a checkmate like running in the game of Bridge, then the win reward is as gratifying.

Personalized Playing Cards


100% Pure Plastic Playing Cards


Plastic Playing cards have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. They are made from 100% PVC, are very flexible, durable, long lasting, and easy to clean. Compared to the average paper cards, plastic cards simply outperform where durability is the concern. These cards have been around for a long time.You can choose 100% Pure Plastic Playing Cards from numerous designs and many number options, including regular and large size numbers. So, if you desire to add a professional sense of quality to your game, we recommend

Plastic Playing cards

Promotional Playing Cards


Promotional Playing Cards made in collaboration with our design department can be one of the lowest CPM marketing vehicles available to advertisers, marketers, and agencies. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from putting a fun and reusable item, emblazoned with their brand and message.

Poker and Bridge sized playing cards Price

No. of Decks Price Per Deck
1 $ 50.00
2 $ 42.50
5 $ 25.00
10 $ 20.00
100 $ 7.00
250 $ 4.80
500 $ 3.20
1000 $ 2.40
  • Above 1000 deck please ask for a quote.
  • Printed Tuck box @US $119 additional for above orders.
  • Plain White Tuck Box complimentary with any of the above orders.
  • For 1 to 100 decks plastic box will be complimentary on request.
  • Inclusive of shipping anywhere in the US.


Custom Playing Cards
Custom Playing Cards Image

I have received the playing cards, they look great. And your timing was very great. Thanks for that.Thanks again.     

Rating: 5
Custom Playing Cards
Custom Playing Cards Image

Wanted you to know that we received the quality playing cards and they are terrific. Thank you very much for all your help!

Rating: 5
Custom Playing Cards
Custom Playing Cards Image

The playing cards were received yesterday and they look awesome. Thank you for the quick interaction that made my project come true in just 2 weeks.

Rating: 5