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Playing cards have an interesting history. Through their simplicity these cards have evolved over time. There we have 5 such interesting facts.

1. The first deck - The first ever deck of card created was in China around 13 centuries ago and the deck consisted a total of 32 cards.
2. Bloody and greedy history - Originally the Ace card was stamped with a special mark; in the 18th century the popularity of playing cards skyrocketed making the rulers of Britain at that time recognized this as an opportunity and levied taxes of the sale of cards, this special mark was used to identify if the deck was legal or no. Forging this mark was punishable by death.
3. Real people - The version of playing cards deck used today is the French deck. These cards are literally designed after real historical figures including Charlemagne (King of Hearts), Julius Caesar (King of Diamonds) and Alexander the Great (King of Clubs) and King David from the Holy Bible (King of Spades).
4. War stories -The government of America during the World War II partnered with the United States Playing Card Company and produced these special designed card decks that would peel apart when wet to reveal parts of a secret map to guide American prisoners of war to their freedom.
5. United States Playing Card Company -The largest playing cards manufacturer in the world is the United States Playing Card Company. It is the parent company of many famous brands like Bicycle, Aviator and many others.



As been told, we know that the Chinese invented the earliest form of playing cards. This then fairly simple game played by a bunch of laid-back folks, needed something more to it, it needed more depth. For people to get more involved, more strategic, suits were invented, the whole concept of, “One suit cannot beat a card from another suit regardless of its rank” came in being, making the game more exciting than it ever was. Over the years many cultures have adopted the games of cards for entertainment and given the world their own versions of it. But the French version is the one we all know and use today.


The Four Suits, as we know them are-
Hearts - Symbolizing childhood, the Heart suit domains all emotions. It captures our childhood, where intense emotions, family, beauty and art surround everything.
Clubs -Like the youth, the suit of clubs brings along with it exploration. It’s the time to find the perfect truth, to learn and take in as much of the universe as one can.
Diamonds -After learning comes the period of growth comes the time of putting everything in practice. One takes responsibility during this stage of life.
Spades -The last suit, that is Spades is considered to be the epitome of old age, it symbolizes laid-back period of self-acceptance and wisdom.