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TMCARDS Plastic playing cards are made entirely of cellulose acetate material, the most durable plastic used today in playing card production. These cards are scuff and break resistant and completely washable. You can Custom design cards your own deck of plastic cards with an option of customizing the card faces too, you have a choice of regular and large-size numbers. Plastic Cards often last a life time, so you can save hundreds of dollars with them, depending on how much you play (paper playing cards need to be replaced frequently and cost a few dollars per deck).


Playing Cards Manufacturer



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TMCARDS have been manufacturing playing card games for the last 3 decades for game manufacturers and game inventors alike. And take pride in being the foremost where the printing and the manufacturing of playing cards are concerned. There is a lot that goes into manufacture of games and game kits, and it takes a specialist like TMCARDS DOT COM to match up to the stringent quality, control and expertise required to give you a deck that is Flawless, as just one spot could result in a marked card that could be detrimental to the game being played playing card games are a real favorite with close knit family and friends who still prefer togetherness. Many people find playing card interesting, in addition to, and sometimes to the exclusion of, the games that can be played with them. Some enjoy the long and fascinating history of the development of playing cards, while others enjoy cards as collectables or objects of art.


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Playing Card Holders


Card holders are usually round, plastic, washable card holders which make cards much easier! They are easy for small hands to use, hold up to a full deck, and allow one card to be pulled while the others stay in place.

Card holders are perfect for playing bridge and ideal for those with a limited grasp and eliminates the need to grip each card and enhances the life of the playing cards.

Card holders or Playing card holders as they are popularly known are used extensively by those who can't really hold cards for a long time, one handed or old folks are facilitated by this accessory.


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