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The Chairman's Page

"Quality is never an accident, its always the result of intelligent effort. There must be a will to produce superior things."



I am Pahlaj L. Rajani, Founder and Chairman of The TM Playing Card Manufacturing Company. It is with the above premise that we have built our company.


More than 35 years ago, being an avid collector of cards, I started manufacturing playing cards with a passion for the product and a vision for how we would make India's finest. Little did I know that we would soon see The TM Playing Card Manufacturing Company become one of the global leaders in the industry. We set out to create a high quality deck of cards for everyone to enjoy, and even today we try to innovate to make a better product at a better value.


In the process of building this company, we have met some wonderful people along the way. They return to us over and over because we are able to deliver quality that anyone can experience, prices that everyone can afford, and customer service rivaled by no other in our industry.


Playing cards are not going away anytime soon and The TM Playing Card Manufacturing Company is here to stay. Our customers often wonder how we can last at the prices we offer. It's simple: use the finest inputs available from around the world, and craft the product using the most efficient operating model in the industry. The result is a combination of quality and value no one can touch.


I am proud to say we have created millions of decks of cards that have made their way to far reaches of the world. I cordially invite you to use our website, give us a call, put us through the test. We hope to serve you soon.

Warm regards,
Pahlaj Rajani
Founder & Chairman