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Brilliant Playing Cards

Brilliant Playing Cards

A deck of playing cardsBrilliant Copper Playing Cards

Put the face of a loved one on a pack personalized playing cards maybe a picture of your pet or one of the kid's, holiday snap, the choice is yours that's the beauty of TMCARDS Awesome Playing Cards.


The remarkable feature of our TMCARDS Awesome Playing Cards is that we allow you not only to customize the back of the card with your design but the all 54 playing card faces and the playing card box as well. Our custom playing cards are custom made to your order specifications with full control over colors and even the card stock you print on.


TMCARDS also allows Businesses Organizations to create a pack of playing cards with your corporate image and include some useful information for their valuable clients.

Examples: At Conversion Tables one can create a set of cards with all the sizes and forces for their client’s designs teams. For Memorable/Important Dates, one can create a set of TMCARDS playing cards with the dates of all the significant events and send to all their clients inviting them to attend.


TMCARDS DOT COM publishes high-quality themed Awesome Playing Cards for collectors and enthusiasts. All our poker-sized / Bridge-sized playing cards are presented in a strong tuck-box. Packs either feature 18 special illustrations on the court cards, aces and jokers; or feature images on a chosen theme on every card.


Sleek and classy, these Awesome Playing Cards by TMCARDS DOT COM are brilliant gifts for card players. The elegant brushed metal case holds one deck of playing cards and is engraved with a name or short message. Perfect gifts for the wedding party whether you are having a casino themed reception, a Las Vegas wedding, bachelor or bachelorette parties. They are also great for corporate events.


What’s more of these cards? TMCARDS offer a pack of cards especially for children in their formative years. Familiarity with playing cards and card games can provide children with entertainment, social interaction, and educational benefits .Teaching aids through our cards serve to make the learning experience enjoyable as well as interactive on a personal level. We help you to create your set playing cards as per your card size, design, shape and packaging requirements.


TMCARDS Awesome Playing cards promise high-quality, excellent Print and a reasonable Price.


TMCARDS provide 100 % Customer Satisfaction and total customization with new design and colors special for you. One could opt for Exclusive plastic playing cards or paper playing cards with or without logo for varying themes and occasions / events.


Make your friends, clients, near-and-dear-ones in awe of our custom-made pack of TMCARDS Awesome Playing cards!


Poker and Bridge sized Brilliant playing cards Price

No. of Decks Price Per Deck
1 $50.00
2 $42.50
5 $25.00
10 $20.00
100 $7.00
250 $4.80
500 $3.20
1000 $2.40