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TMCARDS DOT COM recommend Blister packed cards which are a functional and attractive way to display products. These playing cards are most economical and provide an industry standard. One has the choice of water-based or solvent-based coating on our cards. Solvent-based coating offers multiple advantages including a cohesive bond that's an average of 50% stronger with half the application time. Whether the blister is made of PVC, styrene, PET or RPET (recycled PET), solvent coatings maintain solid bond coverage around the entire flange of the blister.


At TMCARDS DOT COM following sophisticated technique is blended to form a Blister Pack:



At TMCARDS, we understand that the key to designing a successful blister card involves a variety of design elements. Not only do the graphics, color choices, and shape need to convey the right feeling with shoppers, but they must be distinctive enough to stand out on a cluttered shelf.


Due to the extensive volume of packaging that we design, TMCARDS DOT COM provides our clients the best prices on all of their blister card packaging and plastic packaging needs. we can handle all of the very important pre-press or pre-manufacturing details which can help make a world-class product offering!


TMCARDS never fails to provide quality and 100% Customer satisfaction.