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At TMCARDS a wide variety of custom packaging solutions is available for both bridge and poker sized cards. Our standard packaging includes paper boxes, metallic boxes, plastic boxes, suede boxes, pillow packing and most importantly blister packaging .One can opt for any format of packing available at TMCARDS. We take utmost care of packing our sleek and classy custom made cards as per the specifications given by our customers.

Blister packaging involves a making of a blister die and custom made sizes are welcome. A blister die takes 15 days to make and costs approximately US$ 200- 650 depending on the intricacies of the order. Stock blister packaging for Poker / Bridge 54 cards are ready available without a blister die cost.

TMCARDS offers an automatic blister packaging that is the result of constant evolution. Our machinery includes various characteristics that make it fully competitive for any company looking to package its products in blister type packages.

We at TMCARDS provide the possibility of creating any kind of blister, whether it's plastic-cardboard, plastic-plastic, a second layer of paper, double blister, clam shell, trays for boxes, etc. We widely offer automatic loading systems which may be easily integrated with the machine in order to increase the packaging lines productivity.

The machinery at TMCARDS the playing cards Manufacturing Company, involves a highly skilled workforce to adhere to superior quality standards and punctual deliveries. We are continually striving to maintain our excellent reputation for involving state of the art technology and cutting edge machinery. At the same time, we endeavour to stay ahead of the technology game with digitized production work-flows and secure, inter-office networking.

At TMCARDS we are fully aware of the value add blister packaging has over the non blister packed playing cards. Hence, Blister Pack packaging is an ideal solution for packaging all types of products that require an attractive aesthetic image and with robust tamper resistance, ready to be displayed directly on store shelves and for over-the-counter sales.

After all, quality and 100% Customer satisfaction has been our motive throughout.