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Playing card holders are usually round, plastic, washable card holders which make playing card much easier! They are easy for small hands to use, hold up to a full deck, and allow one card to be pulled while the others stay in place.

Playing card holders are perfect for playing bridge and ideal for those with a limited grasp and eliminates the need to grip each card and enhances the life of the playing cards.

Card holders or playing card holders as they are popularly known are used extensively by those who can't really hold cards for a long time, one handed or old folks are facilitated by this accessory.

There are many types of card holders that are available in the market and we have listed the same below:

4 triangle-shaped card holders make holding large amounts of cards much easier. Simply place the cards in the card holder. The holders have a built in spring to hold them in place. Each holder can easily hold 13 cards or more if needed.

There is also the bow-curved wooden card holders designed to stand upright on the table as you play any card game. Each card holder measures approximately 13" long.

The Plastic Round Card Holders features a foam-lined opening that holds cards securely! These card holders measure 2 7/16" in diameter and can easily hold a hand of cards.

There are also plastic playing card holders which are spring loaded for easy gripping action. These holders measure approximately 2 7/8" in diameter.

The solid wood card holder is perfect for your next card game! Made of solid cherry wood, each holder measures 7 3/4" wide by 2 1/2" tall by 2 7/8" deep.

The Playing Card Holder makes playing cards more enjoyable because you can play hands free. This lets you concentrate on the game rather than worry about holding a full hand of cards.

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