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The word paper derives from the Greek term for the ancient Egyptian writing material called papyrus, which was formed from beaten strips of papyrus plants. The immediate predecessor to modern paper is believed to have originated in China in approximately the 2nd century AD, although there is some evidence for it being used before this date.


It is researched that in the golden era, the makers of playing cards and of image prints were the men who first made extended use of printing and so has TMCARDS with their customized 100% paper playing Cards.


Paper playing cards are usually manufactured on a vast range of paper qualities from 240 GSM to 360 GSM.


White Back Duplex


Usually the cheaper variety are made on white back duplex one side coated boards ranging from 240 gsm to 280 gsm and are used for the very large quantities of cheap playing cards from 50000 decks to millions usually very much in demand to cater to the generic and bulk businesses and give away.

White Back Duplex decks are coated on both sides but have a natural gloss and rough finish on the other.


Art Card


Art card playing cards range from 260 gsm to 330 gsm which is relatively easy to procure and print on as they are naturally coated from the mills itself on both sides.


These cards are coated on both sides compared to the duplex and can be coated to matt or high gloss as per the clients requirement.


This is extensively used by advertisers who have a small budget with reasonable quality inputs which has a look and feel of real playing cards but is not the real McCoy.


The art card variety which is the most convenient for small digital fly by night operators, whose claim to fame is rocked by the non presence of infrastructure to manufacture professional playing cards.


Black Centered or Black Core Board


BC or Black Centered board as it is termed is the ultimate choice of professional cards world over used by the Best Brands in the world like Bicycle and other reputed brands of the United States Playing card Company.


Black centered board is so termed as there is a black core center lamination adhesive used so that the back of the design cannot be seen thru the opaque black core.


Black centered board is a triplex board which has a lot of stiffness and other qualities that make a great deck of playing cards.


This is available by just a few paper and board manufacturers globally and comes in 270 gsm to 360 gsm.


If you're just starting out playing poker or any other card game, one of the first things you'll need to buy are a few decks of cards. Not all decks are created equal, though, and there are a few things to learn about the kinds of cards before you shuffle up and deal.