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100% Plastic Playing Cards

TMCARDS plastic playing cards are the most durable, highest quality cards and are used by casinos and for home use. Plastic playing cards are completely washable and last longer than paper playing cards. These cards are scuff proof and break resistant.

These plastic cards are made from 100% PVC, are very flexible, durable, long lasting, and easy to clean. Compared to the average paper playing cards, plastic playing cards simply outperform where durability is the concern.

Plastic playing cards have been around for a long time because of its durability quality. Poker players and other card gamers in the US soon realized that spending the extra money on plastic cards easily paid off in the long run.

At first you may think that a playing cards made from plastic will be stiff, slippery, or just feel weird. While some 100% plastic playing cards are stiffer than others, as a general rule they are more flexible than paper cards. They are a little slippery, especially compared to a new deck of paper cards. However, the higher quality allows the cards to remain easy to shuffle when a paper deck would begin to feel sticky due to many hours of play.

The durability of PVC playing cards is amazing. While they are not indestructible, they will resist creases or bows from bending or shuffling and it is difficult to accidentally mark the cards from normal handling. Also, when a typical deck of paper playing cards is beginning to feel grimy from simple use in a card game, you can clean these cards with water or soap and water. After cleaning, a good set of 100 % plastic playing cards will be nearly as good as new after a little powder is sprinkled on them. The deck will continue to shuffle and deal well for many more sessions.

TMCARDS playing cards Manufacturer Company customizes plastic playing cards to suit your taste and feel. You can choose from numerous designs and many number options, including regular and large-size numbers. TMCARDS Plastic Poker Cards are also availed. So Investing in a set of Customized 100% plastic playing cards is of course value for money.

So, if you desire to add a professional sense of quality to your game, we recommend TMCARDS playing cards Manufacturer Company for 100% plastic playing cards.