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A four-color deck for poker was developed and publicized by Mike Caro. It was introduced at his World Poker Finals at Foxwoods Resort Casino in 1992. His original design was not a success as the colors were a surprise to players. (Mike Caro's Four Color Deck by Diane McHaffie), Poker Player February, 2006 issue. In the German game of Skat the official tournament standard is to use a four-color deck known as a Turnierbild deck. In these decks, spades are green and diamonds are yellow, the hearts and clubs being respectively red and black as normal. This is intended as a compromise for players who prefer German suits over French; the green Spades translate to Leaves and the yellow Diamonds to Bells in the German suits.

A four-color deck is identical to the standard Anglo-American playing cards except for the color of the suits. In a typical four-color deck available at TMCARDS, hearts and diamonds are red and spades and clubs are black as usual. However, TMCARDS custom made playing cards also come in color combinations as specified by the customer.

TMCARDS range four-color decks do exist in the brick-and-mortar world, and many bridge players are familiar with these decks.

The 4 colored bridge deck of playing cards by TMCARDS is perfectly suitable for poker, the only difference being that it is a bridge deck and, hence, the cards are a bit narrower.

It makes sense that online poker players might prefer the TMCARDS four color deck, for the simple reason that they are looking at images of playing cards on a computer screen where visibility may or may not be ideal. Additionally, online poker games move very fast, much quicker than home games or games in casinos. These would help them avoid misreading a card or mistakenly thinking one has hit a flush.

So given these considerations, pick up your 4 coloured playing cards availed by TMCARDS playing cards Manufacturer Company because nothing it ! Show them off when you're traveling or have company over for a quick Poker game...