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Home Formatting Guidelines


Adobe Illustrator and EPS files:


Artwork that is created in .eps and .ai are inherently ideal, a higher quality print output (vector images).


1. All fonts should be converted to an OUTLINE in Adobe Illustrator. This will avoid changes in font information. The fonts will remain stable and not shift or be replaced with substitute fonts when files are opened on a different machine than the original creator's.


2. If images are embedded within eps files and are merged, this makes the TMCARDS DOT COM Design Department's job difficult to modify for needed corrections. If the same images were links within the illustrator file send the image files separately. If art work is complicated with graphics and text in multiple layers, there may be issues of image quality or font placement. But if the files submitted are separate, adjustments can be accomplished quickly and easily avoiding additional TMCARDS DOT COM Design Department hourly fees.


3. Please, build your document to trim size (do not draw your own crop marks), and add bleed as shown in the sample file provided. Please, do not build jobs in printer's spreads or add trap to your files. We will do this for you at no extra charge. Please, make sure all of your color photos are in CMYK (not RGB) format and at least 300dpi or higher in their final size.


Example: A photo scanned at 100 dpi but scaled to 25% in the page layout program has an effective resolution of 400 dpi. Likewise, a 300 dpi image scaled to 200% in the page layout program has an effective resolution of only 150dpi and output could print with jagged edges.


Single or multiple card jobs may be built in Illustrator, FreeHand.


Avoid building cards in word processing, presentation, print master programs.


Please, use only TIFF or EPS formats for placed images. Avoid WMF, BMP, GIF and PCX


Image formats.


Please, supply all images and fonts with your job. If you miss any of these items, a delay in processing could occur.


List of Convertible formats to our recommended formats:


Formats Recommended: 300 DPI (dots per inch) JPG, TIFF, BMP and a GIF. Other formats can also be accepted but we would have to reproduce or convert to one of our production formats which might increase production time and incur Design Department fees.




  • Color and Grayscale
  • Macintosh Pict Format (PCT) should be PC compatible. Burn a CD ROM in ISO 9660 format.
  • DCR PhotoShop 3.0 Format (PSD) - with all fonts attached separately
  • Portable Network Graphics Format (PNG)
  • DWG Format (DWG)
  • Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) – with embedded images
  • True vision TARGA Format (TGA)
  • GIF and TIFF with LZW Compression
  • Windows Metafile Formats (WMF and EMF)
  • JPEG and LEAD Compressed (JPG and CMP)




  • Flash Files ( FLA )
  • Illustrator (Ai) or (EPS) (For Logos and files with Text)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)