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Tarot cards have been used way back in time in order to predict the answers to the futuristic queries of the believers in Tarot reading playing cards. We do not claim that Tarot has no scientific base or explanation or vice versa. Since the same is debatable it works miraculously for the believer and means nothing to the skeptic. The tarot card readers ask you to shuffle the deck of his specialized tarot cards while you think of your question and deals the cards in special spreads when you are thru with your shuffling. Then they examine the past, present and future pertaining to your questions which they claim reflects upon the cards which are dealt in front of them.

In a conventional set of tarot cards there are 78 cards in all. 56 of the cards constitute the normal deck with an extra card in each suite. In conventional set of tarot cards has four suites of spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds in a regular card deck here you find the suites named as cups, wands, pentacles and swords. One more distinction from the normal pack of cards is there are 4 court cards in each suite instead of three. And in addition there are 22 cards which depict the destiny. The regular 4 suits of cards form the Minor Arcana while the set of twenty two cards form the Major Arcana. The minor Arcana cards depicts the situations which are in control of the enquirer while the major Arcana cards show the situations which the enquirer is destined to face and has a lesser control over the same.

The purpose behind tarot reading is more to help the enquirer gain some insights over his current situation and help him understand the problem in a clearer way so that he can make his decision in a balanced way. Neither too logical nor too right brained.

There are also some other tarot cards which are created or adapted for specific situations or communities. These might be a set of wisdom cards or some quotations which might inspire the enquirer as he comes across a certain situation. These cards are customized by certain tarot card readers so that their readings are more accurate or comprehensible to the enquirer as well.

Custom Tarot Playing Cards

Customized Tarot cards have a gamut of specifications that make it into a learning curve for manufacturers.Custom made tarot cardscan have either over sized playing cards 4.42 X 2.78" or just the Poker Sized 3.5" X 2.5". The number of cards vary from 33 cards to a deck to close to 110 cards depending on the specifications of the client.We have always appreciated the great designing strengths of the creators of the Tarot cards as this requires great skill and visual imagination.

Fortune Telling Cards

Fortune Telling Cards in a sense is a way to have a glimpse in a future. But my point here is to have a glimpse were it predestined. If that was the case then there would have been no use of fortune telling. If it were possible to change something then how could it be viewed unless it was actualized? I think this is why I do not like to call it a deck of fortune telling cards. I like to call it divination into self, getting to know more about yourself and the effects of your own thoughts on your future. When somebody is stuck up at some situation in his or her life, he needs a mentor who would show him the right path. Mentor has to be an expert in the field of enquiry so that he or she may advice him the right plan of action. But if such a person is not available at the time of crisis then one may look forward for a fortune teller. There are different methods of divination. One of them is Fortune Telling Cards. These cards are specially used for the purpose of divination. When an enquirer asks a question the, reader deals the cards in a particular fashion which give an insight in he given situation. Most of the times these cards comment on those areas of life which the enquirer miss out to focus on either due to his unawareness or due to some physical constraints. But the Card Reader encourages the enquirer to go with his gut feeling displayed in the card spread. The reader works as an interpreter and cards work as a gestalt for the enquirer. This is how the playing cards answer the questions.

Every card has different meanings pertaining to the positions they are dealt in depending on the enquirer’s questions. Hence it is at the discretion of the Fortune teller which meanings would be applicable and how to get to the deeper meanings of the spreads in totality.