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Custom playing cards have become extremely popular personalized gifts. Custom designed playing cards will allow them to play a game of poker, bridge, or even solitaire with a bit of style. These are highly attractive and offered at most affordable prices. TMCARDS dot com through its team of highly skilled personnel helps customize the deck as per the choice of the clients. We offer the use a variety of sizes viz. Large Small Bridge Poker and custom sized with colors and fonts as specified. The design on the cards may also include images and photographs and simple novelty designs allowing the creation of very intricate cards. Manipulation of the photograph too can be done to add the humor aspect on the card, example: tacking on a long gray beard.

At TMCARDS playing cards Manufacturer Company, one can opt for card designs including single colour geometric designs, multi-colour or Full-Color and bleed designs along with specific drip coatings and inks. Designs vary from the conservative kind to artistic ones. There are various sizes and types of cards to choose from for customization, such as custom poker cards, pinochle cards (48 cards only), and bridge cards. When ordering personalized cards, you can choose plastic-coated cards or 100 percent plastic (PVC) for added durability.

You can Order custom designed playing cards that are basic poker or bridge size. The front side is where you usually see the playing card numbers and symbols for the suits (which are called PIPS). When you opt for Custom Designed Playing Cards your images may fill up the entire side of the card or may be placed in the center of the cards with a border. Your playing card "faces" may be the standard faces (showing standard King, Queen, Jack and Ace) or can bear customized photos or text instead of lifeless pictures of jokers, kings, queens or jacks.

TMCARD custom designed playing cards for party favors are a keepsake that will last forever. The face can bear photos of your common happiest moments and you together or designs relating to flora-n-fauna, cartoons, celebrities, etc. A corporate and more sophisticated design can be opted for in case of custom playing cards for Business Gifts. Many of our clients have developed new games and have requested that we create unusual designs for playing card decks to go with their games. We design unique cards for Educational Health and Non-Profit Organizations.

Custom designed playing cards at TMCARDS Manufacturer Company are a great way to make a statement.