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Custom playing cards give us an understanding of characteristic features of periods, ideas, beliefs and experiences of people in the past, reflecting past eras and ways of life. They are a lesson in craftsmanship and the assembly and combination of components and materials. They have been a focus for design, advertising or invention...


A collectible playing card game by TMCARDS DOT COM, is a customizable game played using specially designed sets of playing cards. While trading cards have been around for longer, collectible playing cards combine the appeal of collecting with strategic game-play. Most collectible playing card games are distributed as sealed packs containing a subset of the available cards.


The modern concept of collectible playing card games was first presented in Magic: The Gathering designed by Richard Garfield and published by Wizards of the Coast in 1993. An earlier game that might be described as a collectible card game was The Base Ball Card Game produced by The Allegheny Card Co. and registered on April 5, 1904.


These collectible playing card games, a product of TMCARDS manufacturer company are theme-based and are sometimes based on owned or completely original ideas; it is frequently the case that games make use of existing third-party fictional characters or worlds. If the company producing the game owns the rights to the game world and artwork, then the game is a proprietary game. If another entity owns the characters and / or world, then the game is licensed from that company. Any such licensing agreements have a start and end date, making it possible for the license to expire or move between companies over time.


There are very few families who don't own at least one deck of cards. The hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds are a familiar sight to all of us. Collectible Playing Card game takes the reader on a fascinating journey through history that spans the globe. They are a perfect deck for those who lay emphasis on the collection of playing cards as a hobby. First and foremost, the hobby already exists and is greater than the interest of casino branded playing cards, or cards used for poker games.


Each 54 Plus Joker deck of TMCARDS collectible playing card game has a fundamental set of rules that describes the players' objectives, the categories of cards used in the game, and the basic rules by which the cards interact. Each card will have additional text explaining that specific card's effect on the game. They also generally represent some specific element derived from the game's genre, setting, or source material. The cards are illustrated and named for these source elements, and the card's game function may relate to the subject. For example, Magic is based on the fantasy genre. In the game, a dragon is illustrated as a reptilian beast, may have the flying ability, and have formidable game statistics compared to smaller creatures.


TMCARDS allows a player of collectible playing card game to strategically customize their deck to take advantage of favorable card interactions, combinations and statistics. So, if you desire your fantasies to flow through your game, we recommend TMCARDS Collectible Playing Card game.