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Charity Playing Cards

Charity Playing Cards

TMCARDS looks forward to create something fresh and popular that would go down in history for each community while helping a local non-profit organization. Playing cards has gained huge popularity right from the Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Card deck to the latest craze of card playing including cards games like Texas Hold 'Em, Pinochle, Euchre, Canasta and many others.


Charity is referred as a practice of benevolent giving, or a virtue or a concept of giving to worthy causes or people in need. TMCARDS DOT COM helps to customize playing cards supporting issues like health, environment, or humanity. They are a great way to get people spending for your non-profit...with little or no money out of your budget. It guarantees fun and laughter while playing cards, and for a good cause.


Our creative team at TMCARDS manufacturer company helps you customize both the back and face of the card and thus provide a great opportunity for a campaign which can effectively be combined with complementary fund raising events. Your positive impressions will reflect positively on a non-profit organization's brand with an added exposure to other game participants.


Charity playing cards are a great tool for the NGO’s & non-profit organizations who can place its logo (or its event logo) on the back side of all the cards in a deck (since all backs should be the same) while selling advertising space on the face of each card. NGO’s can sell the individual decks to supporters and community members for as much as a 100% profit depending on the number of decks purchased. Retail business supporters can also be asked to sell the decks at local stores to further increase sales.


At TMCARDS, the actual costs may be higher or lower based on the specific type of deck of Charity-fund raisers playing cards, its packaging, imprint colors, etc. When combined with revenue from ad sales, these cards have the potential of generating substantial proceeds for the organization.


Make a little difference in your life and others by choosing TMCARDS Charity playing cards!