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customized playing cards


TMCARDS has a list of 78 Branded Playing Cards of its own.


But OEM Branding is a specialty that has been fine tuned over the years.


TMCARDS offer our clients with personalized playing cards that are incorporated with brand or product name printed on one side. These custom-made Branded playing cards are a successful tool in not only advertising their brand to the player of these cards but also establish the market position of the product/brand t being endorsed through the playing cards.


TMCARDS DOT COM through its team of highly skilled personnel, helps customize the deck of Branded playing cards as per the choices of the clients, these are highly attractive and offered at most affordable prices.


This deck of TMCARDS custom Branded playing cards are used to play varying card games. These are designed in clear multicolored prints and available in customized thickness, shapes and sizes.


We accept Bulk orders and packing is done as per client's requirement-wooden boxes, metal boxes, and more.


You are on the way to creating an everlasting impression of your brand with TMCARDS Branded Playing Cards.