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TMCARDS Blank cards can be made into playable cards at any time simply by drawing on them. It is a party game played with cards in which the deck is created as part of the game. Every card in the deck is a physical card, which may or may not have undergone any modifications. There are endless uses for this deck of (60) blank playing cards. Its role in the game is both as itself and as whatever information it carries which can be changed, erased or amended.

The fronts of blank playing cards by TMCARDS playing cards Manufacturer Company are blank, waiting for you to create flash cards for classrooms, whole new games of your own, or a custom deck of cards with your very own design.

The size of TMCARDS blank playing cards varies widely from the original to brand flash cards, to half or full index cards. Playing cards may be created with any marking medium and need not conform to any conventions of size or content unless specified within the scope of the game.

If you have a small child that wants to use crayons to decorate cards, maybe these would work. If you truly want to create a playable deck, these just won't cut it.