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A birthday, as the term implies, is the anniversary of the particular day on which a person was born. Though by no means universal, birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a party or, in some instances, a rite of passage. Though major religious traditions such as the Buddhist or the Christian celebrate the birth of their founders, the most obvious example of which is Christmas, principled opposition to the very idea of celebrating birthdays is to be found among certain religious groups.

TMCARDS DOT COM creates a Birthday playing card deck just for this purpose. We help you create a lasting memory with our personalized Birthday Playing Cards. With a choice of several personalized designs, you'll be flush with excitement over this highly cool deck of 54 cards. Simply select a personalized design style and add the name of the Birthday boy / girl with the date and finish with the heart-felt wish. These designs are imprinted in the color of your choice.

We all enjoy the tenderness of love and there are so many types of love to savor and celebrate. Enjoy each of the playing card categories provided by TMCARDS and pick a few sentiments to share. Be it Adult Birthdays, Sweet 16 Birthdays or Children Birthdays create your own birthday gift with this personalized pack of playing cards regardless of age.

TMCARDS Playing cards help you make your own unique Birthday Playing Cards which are easy, inexpensive, and one of a kind. Get started on your own custom deck of cards today and Request a quote on your card idea.