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Magician’s Wand:
You name the customization on your Magic Deck and we are here to execute the specifications to your requirements.

Magician’s Wand:
We bring to life your own brand of magic cards for your stores giving you the veritable advantage of costs.

We at TMCARDS (Playing Cards Manufacturing Company), customize and create specialised deck for the magicians to help them deliver impeccable card tricks.

We Manufacture Tapered Decks, Svengali Decks, Short Decks, Marked Decks, Gaffed Decks, Stripper Decks, One Way Decks, One way Forcing Decks amongst others.

Additionally we have the expertise and dies to manufacture almost every card trick for the Cardistry Brethren.

Most magicians approach and order with us their own concoction of the magic tricks which then becomes proprietary to them.

A brief summary for the Newbies to the Magic World and a knowledge base about the typical magician decks that are manufactured by TMCARDS (Playing Cards Manufacturing Company).

The Most common Specialty Decks which have been manufactured in the recent and not so recent past which are listed above are described as below.

Tapered decks, also known as "Stripper Decks" or "Tapered Stripper decks," are a type of specialty decks used by magicians to perform specific card tricks. These decks are manufactured with either poker or bridge sized regular decks cards that have been die cut at an angle which is usually not visible on close inspection.

This allows the magician brethren or performer to slide out particular cards very quickly.

These cards are used by magicians to perform multiple scores of card tricks.

The Svengali deck is manufactured by special die punches with alternating short and standard size cards, which are cut in such a way that when the deck is riffled, only the standard sized or short cards are visible. The TMCARDS Svengali decks are used to create a wide range of effects.

The Short Deck pack of cards that is also used in performances by magicians that has been die cut again this time with just the cards being lopped off at the bottom to perform a trick where a selected card appears to disappear from the deck and then magically reappear in a different location.

TMCARDS Marked decks are both branded and custom-made magic playing cards with intricate designs. Marked decks are subtle and can confuse the audience and are not discernible even on close inspection as the cards suites and values can be read from the backs used mainly by mentalists. Our Mr. Fluke brand of marked bridge cards are a popular brand with magicians only requiring small quantities and with the magic suppliers.

Gaffed decks or customised magic decks and playing card packs are decks of cards that have been customized to the specifications of the client and for specific tricks that might go with the theme of the performance. In this we have half queens or half the cards with a different number or just blank in a half cut and not in the theme as projected. The deck of cards looks like an ordinary deck however there is a lot more exciting prospects when one realises the potential to entertain.

One-Way Decks works on the same principle as the tapered decks wherein once the card is chosen and re inserted into a reversed deck.

Often magicians are always looking for solutions to their intricate punch and die lines along with the intrinsic changes to the back and the fronts of the playing cards.

Most magic tricks using cards for example floating matchsticks are also manufactured by TMCARDS.

Be it Poker Sized, Bridge Sized Custom Sized … Pure Plastic or Paper TMCARDS looks after the Magic Brethren with competitive costs.