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Generally the faces of playing cards are decorated with two colors, red and black, and four suits including clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds. Each suit has thirteen cards consisting of three face cards (king, queen, and jack) and number cards from one (ace) to ten. In the upper left corner of most cards are index numbers and symbols, making the card value clearly visible when held in a fan position. Two jokers are also typically included with a new pack of cards.

TMCARDS allow you not only to customize the back of the card with your design but the all 54 playing cards faces and the playing card carton/box as well. TMCARDS helps the player customizing the front, i.e, the face of a deck of playing cards. The personalization depends up to how simple or how fancy you want your card to appear. You can choose among pip designs such as standard, jumbo, super jumbo, small and unique, or upload 54 images of your own to customize the entire deck. One can choose any colors apart from the typical two colors, red and black, and four suits including clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds ones, as per your taste and requirement. They can bear customized photos instead of lifeless pictures of jokers, kings, queens or jacks. At TMCARDS, it is great fun to personalize and create your unique Custom face playing cards. Faces may include full color, full bleeds & custom pips (suits) if your design includes them.

Custom Face Cards with the photos from traveling will be a good present for each member of the journey. In case of a deck serving for tourism, each face card can be customized to show a unique destination and can also serve as information cards for each tourist destination. Each face card can be customized to show a different brand, picture cards (Kings, Queens, and Jacks) may be personalized with logos or brand colours, jumbo indices may be used to make a special impact, and the fronts needn't necessarily be playing cards and could possibly contain information instead. You are at full liberty to get the font style and size customized too.

At TMCARDS, you can convert your game into reality by customizing the faces of playing cards as per your requirements.