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Alphabet Playing Cards

TMCARDS Alphabet Playing Cards

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Playing Cards give us understanding of characteristic features of periods, ideas, beliefs and experiences of people in the past, reflecting past eras and ways of life. They are a lesson in craftsmanship and the assembly and combination of components and materials. They have been a focus for design, advertising or invention... a little encyclopedia of social history. Playing cards have enormous educational value, with a long history and many different types and styles of cards from around the world.


TMCARDS are probably one of the world's most comprehensive manufacturers in modern playing cards with an innovative concept especially for kids.


TMCARDS Alphabet Playing Cards are great games for mixed aged siblings to play together as the competitive element keeps the game fun for all ages. One could also check for our Cartoon Playing cards and Disney Playing cards (offered by TMCARDS DOT COM ). These are serve a right source of customized fun cards for the kids and pre-teens goup. They relate to key areas of our school curriculum.


Ideas range from learning and recognizing numbers and letters, to practicing alphabetical order and expanding vocabulary, so you should find something appropriate for all ages. So opt for TMCARDS Alphabet Playing cards.


Make your right!


Poker and Bridge sized Alphabet playing cards Price

No. of Decks Price Per Deck
1 $50.00
2 $42.50
5 $25.00
10 $20.00
100 $7.00
250 $4.80
500 $3.20
1000 $2.40