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Make Your Own Custom Playing Cards


Make your own playing cards using the templates given by us. You can make custom cards of various sizes, shapes, designs.


Playing cards have been the cheapest form of entertainment over the years and playing cards in different countries have their own different versions of the standard deck or pack of cards. Over the years these cards have been a great part of family get togethers, friendships and bonding between friends and players alike. Playing card per se tend to form an integral part of travelers instant friendship kits and a great puller at old homes and other institutions that encourage the game.


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Custom playing cards form a major part of the retirement period and leisure aspects of life along with the ability to keep their minds active and alive and is a big deterrent to senility and other age related brain diseases. These cards greatly assist in the development of the mind in the early years of life and helps the kids develop mathematical skills to keep them abreast of the calculus that would be helpful in their academic future.


However playing cards have been around and will be around although there is a huge influx of electronic forms of entertainment and then there was the advent of television and the cable confounded by the mass influx and accessibility to the internet via computers and hand held devices.


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The above certainly has been only successful in veering a miniscule part of the playing card users from the physical playing card playing brethren.


Now custom playing cards are used as a serious marketing and learning tool having an audience of users’ right from the tender ages to the twilight of life.


Playing cards are popular all over the world in different sizes depending on the geographical location of the place. Poker sized cards are more popular in the US and parts of India and the UK however the bridge sized are the most popular in Asia. The eastern block and all over the Europe.


Currently we have done the heart shaped, the circular / round, the star shaped, the oblong shaped, the square shaped, the skeleton-head shaped and the most obvious rectangular custom playing cards. Sizes have no boundary. You can make your own custom playing cards with different sizes having the same artworks or multiple artworks. We have done to the max of an A4 size i.e. 8” x 11”. You decide your sizes and we give creation to them.


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Design can be endless to tell you. There are no boundaries to one’s imagination. You can have the playing cards printed with one common back and multiple faces. There can be one design for all the faces OR 13 design for each of the suites OR 4 designs for each of the pips OR all 54 designs for the face cards being unique. Again you can also design your playing card with 54 unique designs for the front and 54 unique designs for the back. Flash cards OR Game cards OR Collectible cards all for you at the one stop playing card manufacturer.