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TMCARDS DOT COM brings to You Disney Edutainment cards:

For the very first time in India, TMCARDS DOT COM, In association with The Walt Disney Company (India) Pvt. Ltd. brings to you a wide range of Disney fun and edutainment cards, TMCARDS, is the sole authorized licensee for manufacturing Disney� Character fun Playing cards for India, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh.

We manufacture these loving, and naughty Disney characters on a deck of fun cards. We have a total range of fun playing cards like Mickey, Power Rangers, Hanna Montana, High School Musical, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Cars, My Friends Tigger And Pooh, Vile Villains, Little Einsteins, and a lot more. Each and every deck is suited to satiate the fun urge in all age groups, these cards are ideal for children of age 3 - 90 years, Disney cards can be used as educational tools, and also be used for games, these cards help children interact with each other, foster stronger bonds with their family and friends, which is a necessity, in these times of diminishing family values. These cards not only help them academically they keep family members busy with longer hours of entertainment.

Can we ever forget those endless fun moments that we all have had with all these endearing Disney characters. These loving and naughty Disney characters brings out the child in all of us, helping us relax and bond as only Disney can.

We have now gone a step further, we customize Disney cards for you, that is you can have pictures of your loved ones on a Customized Disney deck, which could become a memorable Birthday gift for your child, you could give these as back presents on your Childs birthday, or a gift on their success in Exams, Sports, Dramatics, the occasions are countless where these Disney character can become a part of your family for years to come, What's more, you can have up to 54 different family pictures on your deck of cards along with some of the most loved Disney� characters and make this a huge collection that would have a lot of emotional and sentimental value for years to come. Disney� is synonymous, with the richness and magic of life, can we ever forget the endless amount of visual joy these true to life characters have given us as long as one remembers.

Disney cards are available in all major stores across India, if you do not find a Disney deck that you are looking for, just send us a mail, or call us on +91-22-24950022 or email us and we will deliver your Disney deck to your doorstep, at the MRP of Rs 54 & Rs 74, no delivery charges will be taken for deliveries in India and all SAARC countries.

So take home a Disney� Playing card today because the same designs would not be in stock tomorrow and you would lose out on a chance of a lifetime to acquire an exclusive Disney� collectible memorabilia.

Free Home delivery all over India and SAARC Countries.
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